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Embracing our Textures the way Nature Intended

Andréa Mororó is a first generation Brazilian-American and of Anishinaabe descent that is deeply inspired by her roots to empower her community through her disciplined work. 

After receiving her fundamental education from Paul Mitchell the School Honolulu in 2016, she went on to pursue more experiences to further establish her cutting skills in the natural textured world. Andréa is a curl specialist, hair educator, and owner of Memengwaa Studio in Los Angeles, CA. 

She takes an essentialist approach to hair by diving into the value of getting to know someone, their lifestyle, their fabric, patterns, and background to beautifully craft a shape so they may feel more free and confident. Andréa specializes in curl health and organic cutting. She likes to tailor shapes to accentuate the individuals' unique features that she sees to create their vision of beauty they can identify within themselves. She simplifies haircare by using the science along with the art of geometry to embrace more freedom in manageability. Andréa carefully curates a comfortable environment for all her clients throughout the service to deliver awe inspiring results. Her passion lies within people wanting to embrace themselves unapologetically.


Serving clients in Hawai'i, California, and Texas allow her to see the effects that geographic locations have on hair. She is an attentive, natural, behind-the-chair artist for all hair textures.

All fabrics welcome.

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