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Do you only cut curly hair?

These services are for human with any pattern [coily, wavy, straight, loose, tight, curly], every texture fabric [fine, medium, coarse, silky, soft, matte], any density [low and high], and length whom desire to wear their hair in a manner that best suits their lifestyle and reflect their most authentic self. Barbering services are not done [fades or designs], please contact your favorite barber.

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Is there parking?
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There is on-site free street parking available. You can park on Brighton Ave. or W Adams Blvd.

Why do I have to prep my hair before the service?

Hair prepping allows us to perform the best work possible on your most authentic texture possible with as much smooth sailing as possible. Seeing and really feeling your raw hair texture without product helps us see what is really going on and how the natural elements, lifestyle, products are affecting your hair. Hair prepping makes our service together more enjoyable as well!

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Is the deposit refundable?

The deposit is fully refundable as long as the cancellation/rescheduling is completed 48hrs to the date and time of your service. The deposit is non refundable if it less than 48hrs to the date and time of your appointment. Allow 2-7 business days for refunds to transfer back to the bank.


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Do you cater to queens who wear hijabs?

Yes, we have a private upstairs loft in the salon so that no one that enters can see you.

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How do I cancel/reschedule my appointment?
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Go to the initial confirmation you received in your email and click "Cancel/Reschedule". There is a 48hr cancellation policy. Please allow 2-7 business days for refund to deposit back into your bank account after cancellation. [Reminder: Memengwaa Studio is closed Sundays and Mondays].

I don't see any available appointments?

'No dates available', mean those specific dates are not available. You may check back on this site for any cancellations or set a reminder for the next month to get your desired appointment. There is no cancellation/waiting list. New appointments are made available one month in advance on the 1st of every month [dates for the month of April become available March 1st].

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I don't see any available appointments in my city?
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Andréa is always dropping in different cities. Stay up to date through social media and check website for updates.

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What methods of payment do you accept?

Acceptable forms of payment are card [Amex, Visa, Mastercard], Apple Pay, and cash.

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Do you do kid's hair?

Yes, ages 5 and up.

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Do you have a wait list?

No. Check back again for any available openings.

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Where are you located?
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Does my deposit go toward my service?

Your deposit reserves your appointment and counts toward your service.

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How long does a haircut appointment last?

Please allot a minimum of 2 hours for the hair service. The duration depends on the density and length of the hair. Following hair prep instructions helps a timely flow of the session.

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Do you do color?

Cutting and styling services only offered at this time. We will be adding a colorist to the team very soon.

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What happens if my hair isn't prepped before the service?

Although it is very rare that Andréa would refuse a service, it is important to review the hair prep guide to avoid any risk of extra fees and loss of time. Please reach out for any advice or help []. Cancelled appointments resulting in not following policies or hair prep will be charged for the full service and are non-refundable.

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Can you cut my hair texture?

Yes. All cuts are uniquely textured-focused.

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What does the haircut include?

Haircuts include a thorough consultation, individualized cut, detox, wash, condition, texture conscious styling, diffuse dry, detailing, curl education on request, and personalized post service email on how to maintain curl care.

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Late Arrivals

Please text or call if you are running a few minutes behind. Appointments will be canceled and the deposit will not be refunded outside of the 15min grace period window.

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Please be sure to double check the timezone of your appointment. Your timezone is provided at time of booking. [Ex. being mindful when you're booking from another city like San Antonio that is on CDT, your appointment would be on PDT for Los Angeles.] Deposits are non-refundable for missed appointments due to timezone differences.

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What is the best way to contact you?

You can email Andréa directly

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